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I now know what it would be like to play for the Broncos.

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So I made it on the floor yesterday to catch the acceptance speech by U. S. Senator Barack Obama. It was an amazing experience. Politics aside, Senator Obama had 80,000 people in Invesco Field yesterday cheering their hearts out for the 1st term Senator from Illinois. And I was on the floor to cover. I was once again in the right place at the right time. First it was Madigan/Blago, and last night I found myself right next to the confetti cannon. It made for easy pictures/video. I am exhausted. What a day and what a night. I will say that Denver’s grade for the DNC is still out. Once again we had transportation problems, but it was faster. But overall, I’m not sure Denver could handle all that the DNC provided. They did a good job, but it might be out of their reach. It’s on to St. Paul for next week’s RNC. Do republicans have hippies that carry around the flag and yell into a microphone about Barack Obama’s misdeeds? I don’t think they do. So we move to the next project. I want to thank the WBEZ web staff (Josh, Carrie, Andrew) for helping out this week. Also, Rob Wildeboer, Ben Calhoun and Amanda Vinicky from IL Public Radio. We are looking forward to covering next week and I still have some posts I have to get out before the weekend to be relevant. So I’ll be around listing new stuff tomorrow from the airport. Here is the video of Senator Obama coming out to the podium. It’s a different vantage point. You’ve seen it, but it’s cool to see from the floor. It’s hard to believe from this tape and from the speech that this is the same guy who was a state senator representing Chicago’s South Side. I know it is cliche in speeches, but it is pretty cool to see a politician/elected official go from those humble beginnings to repeatedly saying thank you. For god’s sake Democrats, he said thank you!!!!!

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