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Ah, stress relief in the form of soft guitar

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We are here in Minneapolis/St. Paul in the hotel reeling in the news that the convention schedule is changing and that Rep. Mark Kirk (10th) will NOT be speaking tomorrow as planned. Right now, he is the only Illinois delegate scheduled to speak and his cancellation gives us a big goose-egg on the national stage for the RNC. More on that as it comes in. At the airport, they had these cool signs on the floor. But there weren’t big camera crews and hundreds waiving signs like there were in the Denver airport. Nah, instead they went with a lone acoustic guitar player. Sort of the Potbelly’s variety. In Chicago, we give the acoustic guitarist the attic loft at the local sandwich shop. In Minny? They give them the baggage claim. It was a nice variation on the saxaphone player in the United terminal who plays the Flinstones theme over and over. Anyway, here is the sign and you can hear the music in the background. I’m going to try and get into the Sammy Hagar party tonight. Just so I can tell the kids someday.

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