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Students project veep debate outdoors

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Debates this election season have given many Americans perfect excuses to throw a house party. West Side bureau contributor Ian Fullerton reports that about 75 hipsters in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood took the house-party ritual to a new level during last night’s vice-presidential skirmish. They gathered behind some century-old apartments, duct-taped a bed sheet to one of the buildings, and projected the debate using a laptop and a digital antenna. As the candidates took the stage, smoke from a barbeque momentarily spoiled the view. “It’s starting," someone shouted to the audience, mostly alumni and students of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. “Hey, it’s Tina Fey!" another student yelled as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared. By the time the Republican veep hopeful made her third reference to John McCain as a “maverick," someone else bellowed, “Everybody drink!"

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