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Feds pressuring Rezko in jail?

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A federal judge has delayed political fundraiser Tony Rezko’s sentencing date to give him more time to talk to federal authorities.

Rezko was supposed to be sentenced this month but according to a court filing he’s in discussions with prosecutors, discussions that may alter his sentence. In the meantime his defense attorney Bill Ziegelmueller says Rezko’s essentially being held in solitary confinement.

ZIEGELMUELLER: He doesn’t get out. There’s no cell-mate, there’s no ability to walk around the cell block and he’s in the area that they have for discipline purposes and he’s been there now for, I guess since June.

Ziegelmueller would not say if he thought it was a tactic by prosecutors to pressure Rezko into cooperating with their investigation into corruption in state government under governor Rod Blagojevich. The Metropolitan Correctional Facility, is -- like the U-S attorneys office -- part of the department of justice. A spokesman says when designating an inmate, the jail gets information from many sources including the U.S. attorney’s office.

I’m Robert Wildeboer, Chicago Public Radio.

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