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Santo or not Santo. That is the question (at work today).

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Well, it happened again. Ron Santo did not secure enough votes to make into the National Baseball Hall of Fame today. The Veterans‚ Committee did not vote‚ for any of the 10 finalists on the post-1942 ballot. Many say this is the last chance for Santo to be voted in. Justin Kaufmann (Web Editor) and Jason Marck (Eight Forty-Eight Director) have differening opinions on whether or not Ron Santo should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Their arguments are‚ after the jump. Add yours to the mix. (AP Photo/File) Jason Marck (Pro-Santo): The fact that Ron Santo is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame is a disgusting travesty. Am I a homer? You bet I am. But the stats don’t lie. There are only 10 third basemen in the HOF. Over half played during the 1920’s or before. There are only 3 who entered the majors after 1945: Eddie Mathews, Brooks Robinson, and Mike Schmidt. Santo’s career stats look like like this"¦.15 years, .277 Average, .362 On Base Percentage, .464 Slugging Percentage, 342 Home Runs, 2254 Hits, 1331 RBI, 1138 Runs, and 5 Gold Gloves. Add all of this to the fact that, despite playing with 3 future HOF’ers (Billy, Ernie, and Fergie), the teams he played on STUNK (in only in 6 of his 15 seasons was the team above .500)! Add all of this to the fact that he was suffering from diabetes at a time when the disease wasn’t as understood or easily controlled, where he had to hide it so that he could play ball, where he often because of the blurred vision was seeing 3 pitchers throwing 3 balls at him and he had to guess which one was the right one. Add this to the fact that the Cubs played all their home games during the day, in the blazing Chicago summer heat. Add this to the fact that he gave 110% every minute of every game, every pitch and every play-never dogged it for a second. All of these things -- the stats, the circumstances, and the heart are what makes a Hall of Famer. I can only conclude that he’s not in because of a combination of sheer stupidity and sheer selfishness on the part of the voters. It’s true the Baseball Hall of Fame is a very select club, and should remain that way. But those who say Santo doesn’t have what it takes get in are just flat wrong. To those voters, I say SHAME ON YOU! Perhaps Ronnie should take the advice of Groucho Marx: “I’d never want to belong to any club that would have me as a member". Jason Marck Justin Kaufmann (Anti-Santo): I’m sorry. I want to apologize up front. But I believe that Ron Santo should NOT be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I like the guy. He played hard for my Dad’s entertainment. But when I looked up his stats, he hit .277 with 342 home runs. Now these might be great numbers for a second baseman, but Santo played third base, which is historically a power position.‚ And I’ll buy the argument that the Hall of Fame is about much more than numbers. Santo never won a championship or even won a pennant. He was part of a 1969 team that collapsed down the stretch and is well-known as the biggest choke-artists in sports history. All that being said, I think Ronny is someone who benefits from a newfound “Cub-Nation”.‚ This new generation of Cub fans want a Harry Carey so bad that they are making Santo out to be the best player baseball has ever seen and will go to no end to convince us of that. Hey, Cub fan drinking your Special Export and $9 hot dog:‚ Ron Santo‚ just wasn’t that good. To make the Hall of Fame, you need to dominate at your position. I don’t think Ronny ever dominated. Was he an all-star? Sure. Was he a gold-glove? Sure. But was he Ernie Banks good?‚ No. Billy Williams?‚ No.‚ Fergie Jenkins? No. I don’t think you go 4 deep in the Hall of Fame for that Cub squad. By the way, Gary Gaetti has 360 homers and won a couple championships. Just a quick FYI. Justin Kaufmann

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