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Catch-22 in Trib-Blago Reporting?

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Listen to our reporter Sam Hudzik’s conversation from earlier today with Clint Hendler of the Columbia Journalism Review. Hendler had some questions for the Chicago Tribune amidst allegations that the Gov. offered payment for the firing of certain editorial staff. One particular employee who was thought to be at the top of Blagojevich’s desired dismissal list was Editorial Page editor John McCormick. McCormick has been judgmental of the Gov in the past, and from the complaint, Blago is quoted as requesting termination of certain individuals to “get us some editorial support." Other questions that have been raised are when, and how often, the Tribune complied with requests from the U.S. Attorney’s office to halt publication of certain stories that were sensitive to the ongoing probe into the Gov’s conduct. Listen for Sam’s question to Hendler about the Catch-22 that occurs in this investigation and the affect it has on the reporting about the investigation. audio

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