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Blagojevich polishes off a chestnut at first press conference since arrest

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I just got back from Governor Blagojevich’s press conference. It was quite an event, held on the 15th floor of the Thompson Center. The room was crammed full of reporters and cameramen for local, national and possibly international news outlets. Some cameramen joked about throwing their shoes at the Governor in homage to Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi (he seems to have created a trend). Others commented that Blagojevich always preferred to have a full room at his press conferences, so he should be happy with today’s turnout. When the Governor did arrive and deliver his statement, there was no interaction between him and the press. After he was done he went straight out the door as reporters hurled questions (no shoes) at him. While their questions will remain unanswered, I can clear up one thing for you right now. The poem that he recited in the middle- “If” by Rudyard Kipling- IS an old favorite of his. So if you were thinking that maybe he learned it while locked up or that maybe a supporter sent him a book of poems for this tough time, you can stop wondering because here’s where he recited it to Steve Edwards way back in September 2002. audio And here’s the video from today (Sorry its shaky). I guess he’s at least being honest when he says it gives him comfort...

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