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WBEZ Creek

While you were gearing up for watching the Bears blow their playoff chances, I discovered a new creek. I am a modern-day Lewis. Not so much Clark, but definitely Lewis. I visited the Valparaiso, Indiana fire department to find out what was flooding in the area and they told me that the subdivision called “Greenfield Creek” usually has flooding problems because of the layout of their retention ponds. So I headed over and got some good shots of said retention ponds. While taking the shots, I saw a ton of standing water across the street. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t standing water but more of a flowing current. It was run-off from flooding in the adjacent subdivision and it had created a path and dumped out into a ditch. It was a new creek. It had busted through some leaves creating some rapids and even developed tributaries. It was pretty early in the morning and I can safely say that I was the first upon the scene, so I get to name the creek. I named it (drumroll please)... “WBEZ Creek”.

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