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Missed Call: Rahm Emanuel

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Today, Congressman Rahm Emanuel officially resigns his seat as he heads to the White House to serve as Obama’s Chief of Staff. This means that Blagojevich has five days from today to set a date for a special election to fill Emanuel’s seat. Although the Gov’s recent legal wranglings have forced Emanuel on the defense lately, the Congressman’s‚ letter was surprisingly cordial and personal. He drew on their similar trajectories to power as both are “sons of immigrants” who‚ “have a deep appreciation for the opportunities America provides to those who are willing to work hard and sacrifice for their children.” As one of his constituents in the 5th District, Congressman Emanuel called me earlier this week to catch me up on his imminent departure...well, HE didn’t really call me, but I had this robocall on my voicemail: cityroom_20090102_cshepherd_1630761_Do_N.mp3 Now if you didn’t get the call, or catch it in the paper, you may not know today was the day as there’s no mention of it on his Website, and the latest press release is from October. Guess he’s been pretty busy prepping for his new gig in D.C.

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