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Fellas from Chicago's Urban Prep Head to Inauguration

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A bit groggy from the long bus ride, I talked to a group of excited students from Urban Prep, a charter school for boys in Chicago on Sunday morning. They will wear tuxes for the first time for one of the many inauguration balls this week. Plus shiny black shoes. Concerts are on their agenda and they hope to see Kanye or John Legend. As African-American males, watching Obama is poignant. They refer to themselves as “Little Obamas” because of their academic achivements. No longer are the NFL or NBA hackneyed options. Principal Tim King says twenty-five students were selected to come to D. C. based on grade point average, student council positions or if they went to Obama’s candidacy declaration in Springfield. Meanwhile, everyone is smiling around D.C. in between trying to score tickets for events and talking about “never thinking I’d see a black president in my lifetime.” It may sound cliche but it encapsulates the mood. Also, there’s a little boy in a Washington suburb celebrating his second birthday. His dad is from Chicago and the birthday theme is inauguration. Special invited guests are Malia and Sasha. (Picture: Aakeem Chauncey, Tyler Beck, Jermaine Taylor, Devon Montgomery)

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