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Getting a piece of the Inauguration pie

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Aside from the civic and historic aspects of tomorrow’s Presidential Inauguration, it’s also sure to be one of the biggest parties in recent memory. And with one of our own at the center of it all, many Chicago businesses have been tapped to supply some of the festivities in D.C. Bucktown’s Piece Brewery was already working on a beer honoring Obama called InaugurAle when the Illinois State Society contacted them about supplying their Illinois Inaugural Gala. Brewmaster Jonathan Cutler was excited about the prospect until he ran into a dead-end: the hotel hosting the event would only take bottles and Piece could only supply kegs. I spoke with him and this is how he explained the situation (and the idea behind InaugurAle). audio It turns out that Goose Island Brewery was more than happy to fill the void when Piece had to pull out. They just added the Illinois Inaugural Gala to the long list of events they’re supplying with brews including the black tie Heartland Dinner and the Hideout’s Big Shoulders Ball at the Black Cat tonight. Goose Island is also taking this opportunity to expand their normal distribution range to include D.C. It’s good to know that all those Chicagoans serving in the Obama administration will be able to get their normal beer at the grocery store. The catch? Goose Island kegs aren’t available in D.C. (though the brewer promises they’re coming soon). Ah, the irony.

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