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Inauguration: Coffee & Constituents

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This morning Sen. Richard Durbin hosted coffee and donuts for his constituents at the Library of Congress. To say it was packed is an understatement. Hundreds of people came with their cameras and children. The coffee ran out. Roland Burris made a brief appearance before being chased by voters with cameras. Apparently other lawmakers had a similar idea or opened their offices to the folk back home. Long lines snaked around Capitol buildings. Durbin talked a bit with the media. He acknowledged that Barack Obama has a lot on his plate and may have some false starts in attempts to fix many of the problems the U.S. faces. But Durbin says with the public’s support behind Obama, things will improve. Durbin also says don’t expect Bush to pardon or commute former Gov. George Ryan. The scandal with our current governor makes that an unlikely scenario. I met Regan Burke, of Chicago, and her grandchildren after the meet-and-greet. She says she emailed Durbin’s office on Nov. 5 for inauguration tickets. She got them. Her precocious school-age grandson C.J. says this is one of the most historical events in his life. You’ve had more than one, I asked? C.J. said he once met President Clinton. Some flurries touched down in D.C. today but didn’t stick. This town goes bananas at even a dusting of snow. But Ms. Burke says snow won’t stop her tomorrow. After all...she is from Chicago.

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