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Inauguration: The Big Day

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There was barely a dry eye in the room during the inauguration ceremony. One woman said she didn’t think she could cry anymore. She attempted to call her mother who has dementia and lives in a nursing home. Unfortunately, she couldn’t reach her. On the other side of the room, Esther Wilson, of South Shore, was decked in Obama gear. (I’ve noticed that these Boomers love Obama and rhinestones on their hats/outfits. She had the flag in her hand. African Americans are sometimes accused of being unpatriotic. (And remember the flack Obama caught for not wearing a flag pin.) Wilson says she loves the United States but now the flag means something different to her. But with Obama in office it gives another dimension. She says we should go back to waving the flag and singing “God Bless America.” Wilson says blacks now feel that they are a part of the United States. On the way back, I saw just about anything you could think of to buy with Obama’s picture on it. These hustlers were all out on the streets. Never mind buttons and T-shirts. One man yelled out “Smell Like Obama” as he dangled incense sticks with the president’s picture on it. I saw pictures of Martin/Coretta, Barack/Michelle. Hats that say “Hyde Park runs this.” Bulky leather jackets with Obama. Paraphernalia that reads “I witnessed history.” I have to admit, all those vendors on all those corners cheapened the experience a little bit. Obama is officially a part of iconography. More pics after the jump...


Danny Davis staffer instructing people to be quiet when inauguration starts.


Obama supporter loves glitter.


The celebration is on.

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