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Look for the Serial Killer?


At the live tapings in Chicago (located in the basement of the Chase Bank downtown), we average approximately 500 audience members per show.‚ These folks range from the hardcore fan to the interested friend of the hardcore fan to the spouse and children of the hardcore fan.‚ WWDTM Hardcore fans come from all over but they have a unique and common bond - they’re not Get Married Dressed as Klingons Geeky but they are definitely close. Confronting these extremely enthusiastic lovers of All Things Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell are the die-hard Chicago Public Radio volunteers.‚ Each week members of the elite community of volunteers sign up to run the check-in table, assist the audience in the Disney-esque serpentine line, answer questions and generally help make the WWDTM audience experience as worry-free and fun as they can.‚ These volunteers are the front line of WWDTM and we couldn’t do the show without them.‚ The show is funny - we all agree on that.‚ The audience is sometimes just as funny. This past week, a volunteer named Stephanie (her first time at WWDTM) was asked to hold a program for a late patron. “My boyfriend is coming.‚ He’s parking the car.‚ He...uhm...he looks like a serial killer.” “A...serial killer?” “Yeah.‚ Kinda like a serial killer.” Stephanie, Erika and Kate continue check-in with other guests but are all three on the lookout for a guy that “looks like a serial killer."‚ At one point, Stephanie sees a guy that fits the description and, after a moment of dread, approaches him.‚ It wasn’t him.‚ At this point, the conversation turns from “Where’s the guy that looks like a serial killer?” to “What exactly does a serial killer look like?” The serial killer boyfriend never arrived or just found his girlfriend first.‚ Kate was reluctant to use the bathroom alone soon thereafter. Click through for more- including details on this week’s show, why Peter Sagal rocks and Don’s response to reader comments. The Show January 22, 2009 NMJ Guest: Glamour Magazine Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive (you can hear this tomorrow morning at 10 and again that night at 9) After the interview (in which we heard Leive’s take on the Inauguration Fashion Ups and Downs, and her own description of herself - The Devil Wears Whatever is Clean), the Not My Job topic was the UFC.‚ Carl Kasell summoned a dark, bloodthirsty muse as he announced the title of the segment - Welcome to the Octagon.‚ BTW - that is the first time in history that the words “bloodthirsty” and “Carl Kasell” have ever been used in the same sentence.‚ And you are witness to it. BACKSTAGE BITS From time to time, major donors to Chicago Public Radio are invited to come backstage and rub elbows with the cast.‚ I know that it sounds like a great honor, but if watching P.J. O’Rourke eat fruit out of a cup and talk to Peter Sagal as he wolfs down his dinner of bland chicken and mashed potatoes is your idea of an honor, there may be something wrong with you. This week, Peter and the crew arrived in plenty of time (perhaps this blog has shaming power?) and at one point, Technical Director Roberet Neuhaus looks up and cries “We’re early!‚ Let’s mess something up!” with the glee of an overweight four-year-old in a Hershey’s store.‚ We’re a strange bunch. WHY PETER SAGAL ROCKS Peter is the face (or voice) of WWDTM and gets a lot of flack from the rest of us.‚ One of the things that you don’t know is just exactly how good the man is at his job.‚ Like Jordan or Gretsky, Sagal masters a job that has multiple plates constantly spinning in the air - writing, delivering the jokes, setting up panelists, audience members and guests so that they can then respond with a great comeback, greeting donors, signing books, and doing it all with our fantastic producers barking directions in his earpiece.‚ Why Peter Sagal rocks is that he makes it all look so incredibly easy. NEXT WEEK We have a taping on Thursday, January 29 with panelists Allison Stewart, Roy Blount, Jr. and Paul Provenza. You can pick up tickets by going to our Chicago Public Radio Online Store. YOUR COMMENTS Last week, JP Nolte commented:

” was mentioned that during the turmoil of the later days of the LBJ administrations, LBJ’s favorite song was “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." LBJ left office in January 1969. The song was written for the movie “Butch Cassidy"¦" which was not released till September 1969. How can this be?”

I asked around and the general consensus among the staff was” I dunno.‚ Ask Burt Bacharach."‚ My personal answer involves time travel and Cylons. Hope that was helpful AND informative, JP. Peace out, Don

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