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Rob Blagojevich?

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Don Hall has brought the blogger out of me. Today the City Room at Chicago Public Radio is abuzz with impeachment fever. The staff huddled around the big screen TVs to watch Blagojevich on “The View”. But hey, that’s no different than every other day at Chicago Public Radio. We always stop what we are doing and turn the sound up to watch Barbara and the gang discuss the day’s happenings. I wanted to post some video and audio from Good Morning America too, but our morning producer Ammad Omar had the audacity to inquire about permission. And ABC answered. If you wonder why you aren’t getting clips from GMA on CBS 2, refer to this. Today we will have the impeachment trial live on-air and on our stream. It starts at 12noon. We also will have an interview with Judy Baar Topinka, who really lays into Illinois voters for re-electing Blagojevich. It’s appointment listening. Rob Wildeboer ran into her down at a press conference held by IL Senate president John Cullerton. We’ll have that up soon. BURRIS, MADIGAN, QUINN - OH MY! This morning, at a Rainbow/PUSH Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Breakfast, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Roland Burris, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Lt. Governor Pat Quinn joined Rev. Jesse Jackson for the ceremonies. Talk about making it easy for the news media today... I ATE A WHOLE BAG OF TRAIL MIX TODAY and it’s only 11am. ROB BLAGOJEVICH IS A STAR We expect more from Tamron, but this is why watching our Governor’s impeachment trial play out in the national media is too much fun. This pic provided by Matt Sepic.

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