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75,000 jobs in 1 day

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Job cut announcements are coming fast and furious.‚ By some counts, companies just yesterday announced 75 thousand job cuts.‚ ‚ Locally, Caterpillar said it was slashing its work force by 20,000.‚ Home Depot, Sprint Nextel and Texas Instruments also announced layoffs.‚ Today, Corning said it would cut it’s workforce by 13 percent.‚ USA Today published a chart of mass layoffs today,‚ and quoted an‚ economist who is predicting‚ that 3-million people could be fired in 2009. UPDATE: According to Crain’s Chicago Business, United Stationers,‚ a‚ Deerfield-based company, announced today it ‚ is cutting 250 jobs.

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