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Can I caucus at my job?

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Day #3 of the Gov. Blagojevich impeachment trial started at 9:30am and promptly recessed after about 5 minutes as the lawmakers requested a “caucus” to prepare questions. So the trial resumed at 10:15am. Is it just me, or could they get together on their own time or maybe prepare a bit off-site? I wish I had the right to caucus when I have to go into the daily editorial meeting. “Um, yeah, I wasn’t prepared to talk about coverage on our web site today. Can I please have an hour to get my head straight? I had a pretty long night”. DID BLAGOJEVICH SLIP? MSNBC thinks so. MIKE FLANNERY TOLD YOU SO I remember seeing this piece back in 2007, done by CBS 2 political reporter Mike Flannery. He talks about how Blagojevich’s style down in Springfield was a deterrent to state business and gives insight to why the Governor and the IL House have issues. This was all about the CTA doomsday (remember that?). ON SECOND THOUGHT - KEEP HUBERMAN AT THE CTA! On the day after Ron Huberman was announced as the new CPS chief, my bus was nowhere to be found. After waiting for approximately 20 minutes, 3 buses came at once. Not 2, but 3! That has never happened in my life here in Chicago. Coincidence? STATE OF YOUR STATE Just put it in the back of your mind right now, but we are starting a project to put together “The State of Your State”. The IL “State of the State” address is scheduled for February 18th and it looks as if Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn would be holding the office by then. But we want to hear from you about what is right, what is wrong and what needs to be addressed in the state of Illinois. We want photos, videos, audio and essays giving us an idea of what you think needs improvement or what needs to be maintained. We’ll have more on this later in the week. Thanks. ‚

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