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Fritchey and Matlak make accusations of dirty politics

This morning, John Fritchey’s campaign sent us a picture of signs being put up that promote both John Fritchey and Todd Stroger together. strogerandfritcheysign Fritchey claimed that Ted Matlak, the only other candidate filed to run for the Cook County Board 12th District seat, was behind the signs which associated him with Todd Stroger, which Fritchey’s campaign percieves to be negative. I contacted Ted Matlak for comment. He said that he had no idea the signs existed. He pointed out that John Fritchey had been sending out mailings which associated Matlak with Stroger as well as insinuating that Matlak is a “tax hiker.” When I spoke with Matlak on the phone, he speculated that Fritchey’s own campaign may have put them out. A mailing was sent out by Friends of John Fritchey to residents, implying a connection between Ted Matlak and Todd Stroger.‚ The mailing cites a finance disclosure form submitted by Citizens for Stroger 2005 to connect Matlak’s support to the Stroger campaign. Matlak said that this refers to his support for Todd‚ Stroger’s father, John Stroger. insideofmailing Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, I blame our WBEZ scanner. See, when I asked if there was any way he could send one of these mailers or a picture of one to me, Matlak personally came down to the station to hand deliver. tedmatlakandtimmata While the mailings sent out by Fritchey’s campaign aren’t quite the same as the signs which show Stroger’s name above Fritchey’s, they do both attempt to draw a connection to these candidates and Todd Stroger.‚ The Cook County Clerk lists Fritchey and Matlak as the only two candidates running for the Cook County Board’s 12th District seat.

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