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Daley, Capone...Stroger? Photos from the end of the Stroger era

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Whether you love him or hate him, Todd Stroger has a very recognizable name. And the Stroger name has been associated Cook County government for 30+ years. Most of that time belongs to Todd Stroger’s father, John, who was involved in Chicago politics since the late 60’s, starting his career as an 8th ward committeeman. But last night marked the impending end of the Stroger dynasty as Cook County president. Todd Stroger wasn’t expected to win last night, and the voters responded to his administration by delivering a 4th place finish in the Democratic primary. I sent a photographer over to document the Stroger election event. David Schalliol is a freelance photographer and editor at Gapers Block. And our Education desk Intern Jennifer Lacey collected some audio from Stroger supporters at the event. Together, we have a audio slideshow...

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