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Is Facebook giving Brady the edge? Brady leads Dillard by 406 votes, 889 friends

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[gallery link="file” columns="2"] State Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard are neck and neck for the GOP gubernatorial primary. The last count had Senator Brady with a 406 vote lead. 406? That’s close. That gave us an idea: with most of the election margins in the tens of thousands, it’s hard to pinpoint what worked and what didn’t for the candidates. When it is under 500 votes? It’s easier to identify impact. We looked at both candidates’ social media presence: First up, Twitter. Dillard has the Twitter vote. Dillard: 1322 followers Brady: 776 followers Advantage Dillard. The Twitter-verse helped Dillard close the gap by 546. No word on how many are spam-bots. If you look at both candidate’s personal Facebook pages, you see a big gap. Brady probably accepts everyone where Dillard needs to know them first. Brady has 2659 FB friends. Dillard has 1770. The difference? 889 friends. Now to the Facebook fan pages: Dillard: 966 Brady: 836 Advantage: Dillard. He gets 130. Another interesting stat over at YouTube. Both campaigns have accounts and uploads, and when you include all of the hits to their uploaded videos, you get: Brady: 11,855 Dillard: 9,989 The difference: 1866 Now obviously, this is harder because you have several voters checking out several candidate’s videos. But for the case of this blog, we’ll use it. This is, after all, a very unscientific poll... All together from the big three social media sites: Brady: 16,126 Dillard: 13,917 So Brady gets the nod with an overall 2209 margin of victory in social media impressions (only big three). So when the state board of elections add in all the absentee and provisional ballots this week and next, watch for that number. Let this be a lesson to you at home. Always accept friend requests, no matter if you know them or not. Because they might just turn around and win you an election (unless there is a recount).

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