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Capitol Fax? You just made the list. And thus, a new rivalry is born!

SHARE Capitol Fax? You just made the list. And thus, a new rivalry is born!

Top story (because it’s about me): Yesterday, I made a joke that I voted for Scott Lee Cohen because his ads scared me into it. Well, another reason to hate the internets: it got picked up by my new arch nemesis Rich Miller at Capitol Fax. His line?

“Chicago Public Radio Web Editor Justin Kaufmann wrote about the situation today and admits that he voted for Cohen.”

He then quotes my lame attempt at the Cohen joke and moves on.‚ Rich, I know that it was your attempt at a joke on top of my bad job, but I want to I thank you for unleashing your wacko commenters on me, which has given me some serious chuckle fits today. One of your commenters calls me a “vapid idiot for voting for Cohen” and this great gem:

“Scott Lee Cohen story exposes @wbez web editor as a Democratic voter.”

and after I tell him it was a bit, he says...


That’s a good one. A commie? Far from I believe in the redistribution of wealth, read the teachings of Kruschev and subscribe to the Communist newsletter... Okay, wait, stop the presses. I guess I have to Jay Leno this for the slower readers...see, that was a joke. I was kidding. I don’t care about redistribution of wealth. I had to Google Kruschev and I am not sure if there is a newsletter for the Communist party. Rich, please don’t take that out of context and send it around to Springfield insiders, lobbyists and political campaign workers via an outdated web site/e-update that hasn’t been redesigned since 1997, featuring the classic brown, blue‚ red and yellow (is there purple in there too?) template. Game on, Mr. Miller. A new rivalry is born. I’ll be Biggie. You be Tupac. B Story: Furlough funny business at City Hall.‚ This is great reporting by the new Chicago News Co-Op folks.‚ Remember when the alderman and mayor were going to take furlough days alongside other city workers? Well, they structured it on a 365-day work-year, where regular city worker’s days were taken from their 261 day work-year. C Story: Phil Ponce! I didn’t know you had it in ya! Phil was crushin’ Cohen and his wife yesterday night on Chicago Tonight. Some producer at WTTW gets the gold star for the week. Dillard, Brady, Preckwinkle, Quinn, Cohen and throw in Adlai Stevenson and Robert Klein for good measure. Chicago Tonight is becoming the Violet Hour of public-affairs talk shows. Instead of socialites though, there is a line out the door of politicians. And Phil is at the door, letting the cool ones in. Weather: Minnesota is supposed to get a lot of snow this week. We will get a little. Sports: I’m thinking Scott Lee Cohen should get Mark McGwire’s PR firm. Scott, don’t you know how to deal with steroid allegations? Deny, deny, deny, deny again, don’t go under oath, deny and then when we don’t care anymore, admit it.‚ Or maybe go the Sosa route and pretend it never happened. Oh, and the Super Bowl is this weekend. Kicker: I don’t know if you saw this yesterday, but I did a quick investigative piece on how Bill Brady has a 400+ vote lead over Kirk Dillard. Simple, Facebook friends.

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