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GOP Lt. Gov candidate gets clever listing government experience

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Now that the clamor has died down for the IL Democratic Lt. Gov candidate Scott Lee Cohen, let’s turn our attention to the elected nominee from the GOP side, Jason Plummer.‚ All we really‚ know about Mr. Plummer is that he is wet behind the ears. He won the election though, and the GOP are excited about the young blood. So where is he from? A quick scan of his bio online give him some notable credits, including work served with Senator Peter Fiztgerald and separately, with the Heritage‚ Foundation. Work served is a weird phrase and it grabbed my attention. Upon second look (and second Google search), it turns out that Plummer served as an intern for both Fitzgerald and the Heritage Foundation. In a very informal survey of the WBEZ City Room staff, seven staffers have worked as interns for the government (and one worked in Americorps), which gives them similar work experience as the GOP Lt. Gov. candidate. I also asked the WBEZ staffers how they put that information on their about pages/resumes. Most don’t even put their experience on their resumes anymore. Those who do list, listed the work experience as “intern”, not “served.” What do you think? Is Jason Plummer being sneaky/disingenuous with his bio? Or is he just being clever? [poll id="72"]

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