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Today in media history: Remember Scott Lee Cohen? He's no longer on the front page of the paper

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Top story: Scott Lee Cohen is out of the newspaper! Well, the reputable ones at least...Cohen dropped by WBEZ’s studios early this morning. It was so early, we couldn’t figure out how to turn on the lights! Cohen did an interview with Eight Forty-Eight and stuck around for...Wikipedia Files. Check back later today. I did get a chance to ask Mr. Cohen if I had anything to do with his Super Bowl announcement. The answer may shock you. Or not. B story: Earthquake! An earthquake hit Sycamore, about 45-50 miles outside of Chicago. It has been downgraded from a 4.3 to a 3.8 because it didn’t land the triple lutz. C story: : Our buddy Josh Andrews turned us on to the Twitter hashtag that is the best way to describe the snowstorm...#snobigdeal. D story: What? Comcast is changing their name to XFinity? Well, I guess I have to throw out all my snarky Comcast jokes. I just hope they keep on the freelance 18-year-old dudes who set up my cable wrong. Sports: It’s cut month for the Bears. Now that the Super Bowl is over, the off-season for the Chicago Bears can begin. Could this be the end of Nathan Vasher? All signs point to...thank you yes! Also, don’t look now but the Illini are back on the radar, beating the #11 Badgers. Maybe that’s what caused the earthquake? Kicker: Ewwww. The strangest animals on the planet, subtitled: Evolution F##### these animals up!

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