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Video: Chicago's love affair with the candy industry

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If you listen to Eight Forty-Eight regularly, it’s probably pretty clear that not every conversation we air is happening in real time. On any given day, generally about half or more of the show is taped. And sometimes those conversations are so fun that we can’t wait to get them on. Well, last week Alison taped an interview with Evanston native Beth Kimmerle. She has probably one of the yummiest jobs anyone with a sweet tooth could ask for: she’s a renowned candy expert. We’re saving this (forgive me) “sweet" conversation on Chicago’s extensive candy history for when we bust out with our wall-to-wall Valentine’s Day coverage tomorrow. But we wanted to share this little morsel -- she brought some delectable candy memorabilia from Chicago companies and showed them off in this chewy little video (okay, maybe that last candy pun doesn’t quite work!).

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