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Mission Accomplished: Grand gestures galore!

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Amy is off on her tour this week, so we are glad to have guest-blogger Rebecca Kavanagh.

Just as the gourmet chef pulls out the Wonder bread for a PB&J on his day off and the housecleaner puts her feet up on a cluttered coffee table at the end of the day, I spent more time thinking about other people’s grand gestures this week than planning my own.

Delightfully, the same could not be said of my husband. Who, let’s face it, might have been feeling a bit of cyber-pressure to do more than stop at the Hallmark shop this year. Look what I found in my front yard yesterday afternoon:

Be Mine (photo by Rebecca Kavanagh)

Quite a wow factor for the cost of a can of Krylon.

Perhaps he was inspired by these thoughtful folks:

LindyLou drove out of her way down treacherous roads on a sub-zero-degree day to buy her husband a special snack. She wanted “to remind him that life isn’t all just surviving until spring and that his wife loves him." What was his response when she presented the food with a flourish? “I already ate." Some grand gestures land with a thud. But we love you for trying, LindyLou.

Kimber also traveled far for tasty treats, planning to present her best friend’s favorite French cookies with a handwritten letter of appreciation. She was also going to buy a bouquet of calla lilies for another pal’s concert today. Hooray!

JP took this opportunity to ask for advice on how to charm his pregnant wife. Two readers chimed in with creative ideas. Lisa suggested focusing on the number nine --  such as nine coupons for foot rubs, one for each month of gestation. Anne shared that her husband gave her a watch after their first child’s birth “so that I could remember that each minute counted." Aww.

Amy commented that this mission had inspired her to brainstorm an inexpensive Valentine’s gift for her family. Later, she emailed to say that she’s surprising them with White Castle dinner reservations --  complete with candles and tableside service. At that place where they sell sliders. Yup, I think they’ll be surprised.

Lynda also brought her kids in on the act. Their family recently moved two hours away and her children have been missing their old friends. So she covertly arranged for sleepovers at their BFFs’ houses. Bonus: A kid-free night for Mom and Dad. Sweet. Thanks to all of you for playing, and to everyone else who stopped by to say hi. Extra X’s and O’s to AKR for scootching over and sharing her sandbox with me. It’s been grand.

Week 5: Mission Accomplished!

About the Author:

Rebecca Kavanagh After nodding enthusiastically and saying “me too!" all the way through Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Rebecca Kavanagh became a devoted AKR fan. She was delighted to be a member of the initial Beckoning of Lovely team and continues to support AKR’s theatrical grand gesture. Rebecca is a freelance writer from Michigan whose favorite project is her weekly Mom’s the Word newspaper column about her kids.

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