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#6 This week's mission: Let's get to know each other

Okay, so what I see going on here (on/at MISSion Amy K.R) is that we (each of you and I) are

building a real live community together.

We share interests, we share missions, and a we share a home (base).

And if we are really going to make this “thing” fly (and by “thing”, mean MISSion Amy K.R. and what it is trying to do), then I think it’s important that we get to know each other better. Because duh, we are all more than just “names in a comment box.”We are a new breed of neighbors. We are Web Neighbors. Maybe neighwebors? (I’m still working on just the right term).

And the best way to love thy neighbor is to know what thy neighbor loves.

So here’s what I want you to do this week, super simple:

Say hello to the neighbor right next (above) you in the comment box, and then introduce YOURSELF AND SAY ONE OR TWO THINGS THAT YOU LOVE. And it will keep going on and on like that…for pages I hope.

You’ll see I’ve started the first one in the comment box. Just follow suit from there…thanks, neighbor.

Off we go!

miss amy k.r.

RESULTS: We created a playlist for our virtual block party.

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