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Poll: Who was the best non-hall of fame Chicago sports star?

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In the wake of the news surrounding Richard Dent’s rejection from the NFL Football Hall of Fame and the nomination for Scottie Pippen to the NBA Hall of Fame, we are going to get definitive. We all agree that MJ was the best Chicago sports figure of all time. But when you get past the obvious names, it gets harder to figure out who the best were. This weekend, I had a heated exchange about who was actually better: Dent v. Pippen. This heated argument led me to a new idea. Sure we can argue about who was better/worse among hall of fame-caliber players, but what about the non-hall of famers? Let the daily games begin. We will take two Chicago sports stars who aren’t in their respective hall of fames and pit them against each other. We are going to do this Jeopardy!-style instead of a tournament or ranking. This gives us daily battles. We pit them against each other, you vote. The winner moves on to the next day. Our first match: Steve Kerr vs. Derrek Lee Steve Kerr - The 3-point shooting point-guard helped the Bulls win three championships with clutch shooting and strong all around play. He left Chicago to win championships in San Antonio, but we don’t count that. This is just Chicago. Kerr never played in an NBA All-Star but did win the 3-point shoot-out in 1997. Derrek Lee - Lee has been the most productive Cub under coach Lou Pinella. Lee has shown spurts where he plays like a man possessed. Lee is a 2-time all-star and led the NL in batting average in 2005. [poll id="73"]

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