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Calling all hairspray salespeople: Betty's back

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Top story: Beachwood Reporter goes on the offensive calling out the Burke family for conflicts, seeing that Representative Dan Burke also gets paid to be a lobbyist (Steve got it from the Sun-Times). Seriously? You can be a lobbyist, acting in someone’s interest while serving as a representative for people in a district? That has to end, right? B story: Guess who’s back. Betty’s back. On a day where media was focused on a deadly fire in Cicero, the town’s former leader gets out of jail. On a side note, how long has Ray Hanania been spokesperson for Cicero? Can I sign up for that job? I heard it pays really well. But back to Betty...I really hope she comes back to Cicero and takes over. Because when she reigned supreme,‚ the news was so fun. Wasn’t it? So someone give her a job where she has to talk to the press every day. Ray, maybe Betty can assist? C story: Using basic math, wouldn’t graffiti on a million-dollar home’s wall make the graffiti more valuable? Weather: I had no idea it snowed last night. Sports: We are deciding who the best non-hall of fame athletes are from Chicago history. Our first battle was between Steve Kerr and Derrek Lee. Kerr won by a slight margin. Today? He faces Eddie Belfour. Boom, this is gonna be fun! Vote up your fave and show your work (comment on why). Kicker: If you are having children and you want to paint their room, why not just paint a mural of Super Mario 3?

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