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IL Budget Solutions: Quinn should tax Springfield budget protests

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Top story: AFSCME 31 is marching on Springfield today to talk about waste in government.‚ They are rallying for a better, more fiscally sound budget. The big story here is that several unions are involved and they are marching on a government run by IL Democrats. And the incumbent governor needs said-unions to win against formidable challenges in November. Do I smell a weekend retreat on the way? These two groups need to talk about their feelings and do a couple trust falls, maybe even hug it out.‚ And I might have to bust out the real deal posts, the one where we fix the budget ourselves with out-of-the-box ideas. I say to raise revenues, we tax Bruce Wolf every time he comments on Feder’s posts. What’s your suggestion? B story: State Senator Kirk Dillard said he would not force a recount unless the vote differential in the GOP Gubernatorial primary finishes around 100 votes. Could you imagine losing a state-wide election by 100 votes? But if you look closely, that’s not really what he said. The Trib says “he indicated...” which is the new “we think...” My guess is if the vote differential is 200, Dillard will act like it’s 100. WBEZ Reporter Sam Hudzik also pressed Dillard on numbers, but Dillard wouldn’t give it up. hudzik-dillard C story: This is the C story, but also an art project. I want everyone to take screenshots of their CTA bus tracker. Why? Because I’ll bet that I’m not the only one who has noticed the insane bunching going on every morning. It’s almost by design. Yesterday, Andrew and I waited at the Navy Pier depot for a bus for 20 minutes+. The kicker? It’s an express bus to Ogilvie train station. You know, the train station that runs on schedules? So Andrew missed his connecting train, and the real kicker was that there were two buses in the terminal, which left right after each other. I don’t think this is about CTA cuts. Something else is up. D story: Doom-poster-gate is hitting a fever pitch. Last weekend, the popular emcee Doom came to the Congress Theater. So we think. There are various reports that it wasn’t him, but an impostor (he raps with a mask). The promoters put out a statement yesterday saying if there were proof that it wasn’t him, they’ll refund tickets. So if anyone was in NYC hanging with the real Doom on that night, come forward. I’ll bet ticket-holders would give you a commission. Weather: It’s mid Feb. There’s no weather but bad weather. I fired the blog’s weather guy. We’ll pick him up again in the spring when it gets interesting. Sports: The Rockets are mulling a trade offer from the Bulls that would send Tracy McGrady to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and Brad Miller. And the Bulls want to unload Hinrich and John Salmons as well. If this happens while the Bulls are heating up, what does that say? But then again, the Rockets might not deal with the Bulls and instead go with a trade with the Knicks. What would that say? Kicker: Have you introduced yourself yet? Amy Krouse Rosenthal is trying to get the internet to introduce itself. Come on by and tell us what you are all about. It’s a virtual town-hall mixer. Finally: Check out the WBEZ homepage today. You asked for it! The Robosaurus eating what looks like a Lebaron.

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