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Vocalo Daily Snippet: Email from my wife's lover. F my life.

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Dennis Frymire told a story yesterday about how he found out his wife was cheating on him.‚ It’s great, and you should listen to all nine minutes. But if you’re stuck for time, or need convincing, here’s a little taste. The story so far:‚ ‚ They’re at home.‚ ‚ She has handed him her laptop, asking him to look up an address that’s in some email she got recently. Meanwhile, he’s been having a weird feeling that she might be fooling around with this friend of hers.‚ So he does a little snooping. First, he turns up an email about how to cover your tracks online.‚ Hm.‚ Next, something that looks more personal. SNIPPET_We Had Something In Common Snippets are cut from Vocalo’s Daily Thread:‚ Personal, narrative responses to a provocative, topical question.

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