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Daily duel: Mark Buehrle v. Toni Kukoc

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Mark Buehrle has knocked off Eddie Belfour and Otis Wilson in our daily battles of non-hall of famers. Each time someone wins, they get to move on to the next day and fight again. I had a great Chicago Cub for today, but I can’t have Cubs v. Sox and definitely can’t have baseball/baseball. So we go back to the hardwood with...the ‘Croatian Sensation’ Toni Kukoc. Mark Buehrle: The Chicago White Sox pitcher has pitched his way into a hall of fame discussion. Not only has Beuhrle won a championship, but he was lights-out in the World Series. He also holds the record for consecutive batters retired (45) and of course will always be remembered for last year’s perfect game. He’s a control pitcher who gets people out. Many say that if Beurhle can pitch a few more years at his high level, he will be a MLB Hall of Fame candidate. And he did Wikipedia Files with us. Which is cool. Toni Kukoc: Kukoc came over to replace MJ. Yeah, right. But he did come in and make an incredible impact. The Pippen/Kukoc combination when Jordan retired (1st time) was enough to almost bring the Bulls back to glory. Both years, the Bulls did make the playoffs. And when Jordan came back, it was Kukoc winning 6th man awards and carrying the team when chips were down (Game 7 v. Indiana, anyone?). Kukoc was a perfect compliment for the Bulls - a scorer off the bench who could heat up and create his own shot. When Kukoc was hot, he couldn’t be stopped. [poll id="77"]

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