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Neighborhood Blog/Block Party: Can you help us with the playlist?

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I totally LOVE what shook down here (via the comment section) this past week. It was really cool to hear from so many of you, ‚ to read your wonderful introductions to one another, and to see our neighborhood come alive.

Indeed, I’d say what we achieved here together is cause for celebration. ‚ And how do neighbors celebrate? They have a BLOCK PARTY of course! So let’s have ourselves a virtual BLOG/BLOCK PARTY!

1. First things first: We need awesome music for our block party. Share one of your favorite songs in the comment section, and in no time we’ll have collectively created THE BEST PLAY LIST EVER. (and then p.s. you can ultimately use the list to explore some new music, and make an actual playlist for your own music library.)

2. Secondly, since neighbors are there to loan one another sugar, here’s what I can offer: I’m happy to loan to any interested neighbors a copy of my new book “Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on Love.” For real. Just email me with subject heading: Sugar, please. Include a mailing address (but I suggest using a work address, not home). I’ll send the book off to the first person on the list, and then that person will send it off to the next person, and on like that...

3. Finally, I was waiting for the right moment to share this short video with you all. The song was created several years ago for the radio show “Writers’ Block Party” that I did with WBEZ and Vocalo producer Justin Kaufmann. When my daughter recently became kind of obsessed with the song, we made this little video together. So let’s kick off our BLOG/BLOCK PARTY with this...

Mission majorly accomplished...

your neighbor,

miss amy k.r.

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