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The Olympics are marketing to old people...which I guess is me?

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A story: I don’t know if this A story material, but I think this is the coolest thing on the web right now. Feder did a flashback post today, grabbing material from this week in Chicago media, 1985.‚ The items are fascinating. How far/not far we’ve come. The great thing about this post is that the internet does have a problem with archiving. You can find any blog post you want, but trying to find an archive of anything from the 1980’s is futile. So this is really the only place you can get it. I love it. More Robert, more!!!! B story: The Olympic games are pulling me in. And they are marketing the hell of out me. I saw a commercial for spending time with family, a commercial for a new cellphone, a commercial for Advil that makes you sleep better. Jeesh, they even had a Lunesta commercial and a 500 calorie Applebee’s promotion. You add in the Visa snowboarding commercials and I’m officially a demographic target. It feels good to be wanted. They are either marketing to me or my Mom. C story: So this is a nice case study in news gathering...where did the “Help Wanted: Alderman” story first break? No, it didn’t see it’s first light on the Sun-Times yesterday... nor on Someone forwarded me the story from...The Chicago Reader. This was Tuesday night! So they picked it up first, a good day and a half before everyone else covered it‚ (including our piece, which is the best of the bunch). Now the question is, when does the attribution stop? The Chicago Reader made the blog-o-sphere aware of this. So let’s trace it, shall we? I’ll get on it later. Weather: Have you seen today’s sunrise? Awesome. Sports: Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons are gone to tropical Milwaukee and the thriving metropolis of Charlotte, NC. The Bulls have made enough space to get one maxed-out contract. Last night, I talked to Christopher Reina from He pointed out that the Bulls did get the job done to compete for one maximum contract- i.e. superstar-level. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer are going to be available in a phenomenal free agent class. But Reina also points out that the Bulls weren’t able to get Hinrich off the books, which could have allowed the Bulls enough room for two superstars. The Knicks did just that, clearing enough salary room for two hefty contracts. But they also don’t have a Derrick Rose on their squad already. If you’d like to join in, four or five of us comment on this all day long.‚ Check out yesterday’s comments on the subject to get up to speed. Kicker: Looking for something to do tonight? I’m going to be trying to shake my being pidgeonholed by the Olympics and go to watch Dr. Dre covers in honor of Dre Day. Which I guess was yesterday? Anyway, my buddy Mike is playing all Dre covers tonight. And my other buddy Ken Barnard is going solo with a big show at the Lakeshore Theater. Ken is the closest thing Chicago has to Andy Kaufman. I’ve performed with him several times. I hope he reads from the novelization of Rocky 3. Best bit ever.

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