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#7 This Week's Mission: a) Sing! b) Tell Me Where You're From

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I’m making a movie. I have no business making a movie, but the fact remains: I’m apparently making a movie. It all started rather unexpectedly, and then it slowly evolved, and then it started to involve incredible people/strangers from all over the world, and then it became clear that my role was just to keep letting “it” lead ME and so here I am, doing the best I can to keep the flame flickering and do the whole project justice. Have I confused you with my rambling? I’m sorry.

Just please watch this; it’s how The Beckoning of Lovely began...

So here is the latest video in The Beckoning of Lovely project...

This week’s mission is a 2-pronged invitation.

1. Celebrate YOUR EXISTENCE by singing with The Beckoning of Lovely! Per the simple instructions in the video, film yourself (with your computer’s built in camera, on a cruddy camera, your iphone, whatever) singing “We’re Here Because We’re Here.” Sing by yourself, sing with your family, sing with your friends, sing with co-workers...sing any which way, just SING! Then share your clips here. (ed. note: Use our Flickr pool. It’s super easy. If you want to make other arrangements, e-mail us.)

2. In the comment section, tell me (and by me I mean us, your web neighbors/webbors) just where HERE is. What city/town are you in? See, I realized that the song “We’re Here Because We’re Here” actually ties in nicely with last week’s mission of getting to know one another. I’m learning that the readers of this blog hail from many corners of the country and will be cool to start to see where everyone is from. So I started off with the first your turn to chime in.

Off we go!

miss amy k.r.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: We’re here because we’re here.

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