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Forget McPier, let's privatize the Mayor's office

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Top story: Privatize McPier or close select CPS schools? Throw in some budget/tax issues and we have a three-way tie for the top spot today. We should get out the video toaster and split the screen! These issues may not be as sexy as threatening robbers with murder, but they deserve their props. Because each one of these issues will have a lasting impact to the city in which we live. Can’t wait to see how all of them play out. B story: Full body scanners at the Airport? Well, at least Obama is taking job creation seriously. I would assume the person who leaks the images will get paid and the person who distributes it as “airport scanner porn” will get paid. Who said the Democrats in Washington aren’t getting anything done? C story: Chicago’s favorite television GM Joe Ahern has gone from running CBS 2 to running the hot plate at Rosebud. I remember when Feder was at the Sun-Times writing about Ahern’s lavish lifestyle. This reminds me that I’m living a charmed life. I approved the story last night, so essentially I got to see Feder’s column before you did. Jealous? Food: Dolinsky has a piece today on Ina’s chicken pot pie. I’m sure it’s good and I love the restaurant, but I have a beef with Ina. What’s with the no toast with breakfast? The server told my wife and me that they can’t have the toasters tied up for toast during the morning rush. Last I checked, toasters costs 25 bucks. Get a few more. Weather: Tomorrow will be 25 and snowy. Sports: The Trib writes that the Bears should go after LT when free agency starts in March. The Sun-Times says Westbrook. They both say the player would be a great fit for Mike Martz. The Sun-Times also has the Bears pegged as a serious contender for superstar free agent DE Julius Peppers. Heh, sellin’ newspapers early, aren’t we? If I were the sports editor, I would have my writers write up the “____ would be a good fit” story for every free agent player out there and just sprinkle them out before free agency begins. Kicker: I’ve been waiting my whole life to redesign the hot dog. Think big. Here’s my idea: shred the dogs, go pulled pork style. You know, so you can see what the dogs look like up close and personal.

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