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You've been served, Daley! No, seriously, he has been subpoenaed

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A story: So it’s that easy to get the Mayor on record? The lawyers for the developer who is being accused of fraud and making illegal campaign contributions have subpoenaed Mayor Daley. There’s no early indication on why they want the Mayor, but the city’s lawyer has said they will cooperate. It would be a great investigative piece to find out how many times Daley has been subpoenaed in his career. It might give more clarity to the importance of this story. Also, I so hope someone subpoenaed Daley like they do in the movies. Maybe a flower delivery guy or someone shouted his name and when he turned around, they threw a manila envelope at him. “You’ve been served...Mayor!” B story: Governor Quinn will be honoring Harry Caray’s restaurant today on Navy Pier by proclaiming Monday “Harry Caray” day. Yep. That’s on the public schedule. Is this really a time to be honoring chicken wings? Don’t we have a serious budget problem in the state? No spinach dip or spaghetti will fix it. C story: Our fearless leader and City Room Editor Ammad Omar was on Eight Forty Eight’s Month in Review segment today. Here’s an “under-reported story” for ya, Ammad: Dick Kay and Monroe Anderson didn’t hold the elevator for me this morning. D story: This whale expert doesn’t believe the whale attack was an accident. He says it was premeditated. And he tells us how whales attack with their teeth. Yeah...cause they don’t have hands. Weather: 30-35 degrees this weekend, maybe a little snow. Sports: Last night, I accidentally opened that fantasy baseball article. It’s not even about the local teams. I just read everything I needed to know about the Reds. The Reds! CBS Sports has started the camp tours and the fantasy outlooks and I can feel my summer slipping away. The infection is spreading... Finally: Did you see Feder had four posts yesterday? Four stories! Feder is bringing media news back to the front page.

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