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Sound bite of the day: Berny Stone botches opening statement

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50th ward Alderman Berny Stone took part in a WBEZ forum featuring 50th ward candidates vying for the seat in 2011. It is expected to be an intense, hard-fought election in the West Rogers Park area of the city.

The big question earlier this year was whether or not Alderman Stone was going to run for re-election. The 83 year-old alderman decided to run again, citing that it would be cheaper for residents for him to continue, rather than paying for a new alderman AND Stone’s pension.

So the sound bite is Stone’s opening statement at the forum. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s a little sad. The first line is something that comedy writers would use for a skit about an old politician who doesn’t have it all together. And if I were casting that skit, I would definitely cast Berny Stone.

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