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Video episode #2: Alderman Ed Bus (D-53rd) runs for mayor

I’ve been working on a new web-series of short videos with my comedy group Schadenfreude. Our fake alderman (Ed Bus D-53rd) is running for mayor. You can watch his announcement (and 1st episode) here.

In the second installment of the 53rd Ward, Alderman Ed Bus and his campaign manager/intern go over the media plan for the campaign. In our story, Alderman Bus hasn’t really had to use media before in his campaigns for reelection in the 53rd. So city-wide media is going to be a challenge. So what does Bus do? He presses the flesh.

We are editing the episodes as trailers, just to get all the jokes in without having to bore you (or have to write) exposition. You are welcome. And it’s a fun conceit. And Schad-member Adam Witt is good at it.

Cameos in this video: Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn & Rick Kogan, Eddie Volkman (Eddie & Jobo) and The Dilemma’s Sandy Marshall.

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