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Caption contest: Mayor Daley at WBEZ studios

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Caption contest: Mayor Daley at WBEZ studios

“Rich Daley looks forward to his new internship with Radio M.”


“Mayor Daley! I had no idea you dabbled in decals! Good work!


“Hey, Malatia!! I want my money back!”

Our good friend and colleague Bill Healy was down at the station last week and caught the Mayor Daley entourage outside our studios. Daley was speaking at Navy Pier about Winter Wonderland. Bill attempted to get the mayor to come up for an interview but Daley’s people gave the old ‘we’re pressed for time’ routine. Bill asked if he could snap a picture, and before he could say cheese, Mayor Daley was game. Bill snapped the photo and the Mayor’s people reminded Bill that he could only use that photo for ‘fair coverage’. What’s more fair than a caption contest?

Be respectful. You can rip on the mayor, but please be nice to WBEZ. Best caption wins a Car Talk mug.

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