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Photoshop contest! Give me your best 'Casino 37' sign

SHARE Photoshop contest! Give me your best 'Casino 37' sign
Photoshop contest! Give me your best 'Casino 37' sign

Updates! We have two photoshop entries. Anthony Abraham and I put a spin on the earlier sign:


But that’s nothing compared to the creative spin that our WBEZ designer Jane Verwys put on the assignment. She went as far as to base a movie on the proposed casino:


How bout you? Do you have any ideas? Send them our way -




Our go-to photoshop king Anthony Abraham has created the first of what I hope will be thousands of proposed signs for a would-be casino on the Block 37 building.

If gambling gets through the Illinois House and the governor signs it, we might have a land-based casino in Chicago. All signs point to a lobbying effort to put it downtown.

Yesterday, I wrote about how the name ‘Casino 37' may be the coolest name ever. So let the sign contests begin!

Either leave a link in the comment section or go ahead and send me an e-mail at

And please, whatever you do, DO NOT give this e-mail out. It’s just for you & me and the guys who sell Viagra and wrist-watches.

Winner gets a Car Talk mug.

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