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Pirate Radio: The Astronomer sets sail

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Pirate Radio:  The Astronomer sets sail

The Astronomer are Geoff Dolce, James Ross, Jason Toth and Charles Kim.

When you think of ships, navigators come to mind before astronomers, but for our latest installment in WBEZ’s Pirate Radio series we went against type. Because that’s how we sail. As part of our series, we recently invited the Chicago-based group The Astronomer to perform live on the Tall Ship Windy.

If you haven’t heard, The Astronomer is out with their second album. It’s called “You Could Be Something When You Disappear” - and the title track, like much of their work, features hauting melodies and spacious, lush orchestrations.

Their captain is Charles Kim - one of Chicago’s most respected songwriters and arrangers. In addition to his work with The Astronomer, he’s also composed work for film and has collaborated with a number of acclaimed Chicago theater companies, including Redmoon and Collaboraction.

He’s leading the crew Thursday in a live performance at 9:30 p.m. at The Whistler in Logan Square.

But as part of our Pirate Radio series, Kim and the rest of The Astronomer brought their acoustics on board to perform a quiet, melodic composition called, fittingly, “I’ve Chosen The Ocean”.

This performance is part of our Live Music Thursday podcast.

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