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Fox Chicago's Mark Saxenmeyer not renewed. Here are top 10 @Saxenmeyer tweets of all time

SHARE Fox Chicago's Mark Saxenmeyer not renewed. Here are top 10 @Saxenmeyer tweets of all time
Fox Chicago's Mark Saxenmeyer not renewed. Here are top 10 @Saxenmeyer tweets of all time

Fox Chicago Reporter Mark Saxenmeyer has won a ton of awards. He’s the investigative reporter who brought us the expose on freakdancing, as well as countless other must-see “special reports” for the past decade. The Tribune reported last week that his contract will not be renewed at Fox Chicago. Boo.

But my favorite part about the Saxenmeyer experience was his tweets. I’ve been following him for years and he really uses Twitter to mine for stories. Every Tweet includes what he is working on and then a question on how you can help him. It’s an artform of cheesy brilliance. It’s almost like he was social media’s investigative reporter. Almost. We’ll miss you buddy.

Here are my top 10 favorite tweets from @Saxenmeyer:

10) Wishing I could win the lottery!! Working on a story about IL lottery winners! Know anyone?

9) We often hear about deadbeat dads that don’t pay child support, but what about dead beat moms? Do you know of any? Please share with me!

8) Do you live in Lake County? Have you noticed an increase in crime? Email me at

7) Ever wonder if the Grandma or Grandpa down the street could actually be a felon? It’s more common than you think!

6) working on a story about college kids binge drinking. do you think it is problem?

5) Have you ever heard of anti-gay organizations in Illinois?

4) Do you know of any interesting stories that would make a great story on Fox Chicago? Email me at

3) Could the new synthetic marijuana be hazardous to your health? I’m talking to a doctor today who thinks it might be....

2) SACK TAPPING!SACK ATTACK! Teenage boys hitting where it hurts! Have you heard about this??Let me know asap!

1) After 17 years, I will be leaving Fox Chicago News at the end of the month. I want to hear what were some of your favorite stories of mine.

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