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Meeks wants voucher program for Chicago Public Schools

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Meeks wants voucher program for Chicago Public Schools

State Sen. James Meeks introduces his education plan to reporters at City Hall

WBEZ/Tony Arnold

Chicago Mayoral candidate James Meeks is pushing a plan to introduce a voucher program to the city’s public schools. Meeks is a state senator and reverend. He pushed a school voucher bill through the Illinois senate earlier this year, but it failed in the House. Meeks says if elected mayor, he would propose giving 45-hundred dollars to certain low income families so they could send their kids to the school of their choosing.

“I see nothing wrong with giving children and their family a choice,” he said. “I like hamburgers. I like McDonald’s but I’m glad that I could go to White Castle every now and then.”

Meeks’ says the school voucher program would be paid for with state money. He says he’s confident he could get approval from both chambers of the state legislature.

Meeks also wants kindergarten classes extended to last the entire school day and teachers to start teaching courses on character.

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