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Delaware's O'Donnell Fires Back At 'Thug Politic Tactic'

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There was “no impermissible use of campaign funds whatsoever,” Christine O’Donnell, this year’s Tea Party/Republican candidate for Senate from Delaware, said this morning during several TV interviews. She was responding to the news that federal investigators are reportedly looking into whether she improperly used campaign funds for personal expenses.

The “phony” investigation is part of the “thug politic” strategy lined up against her, O’Donnell told ABC News’ Good Morning America (she did say “politic,” not politics, as you’ll hear). And she pointed a finger at Vice President Biden (who served in the Senate from Delaware) and his fellow Democrats:

As we noted yesterday, O’Donnell said during the campaign that she was paying about half the rent on her home with campaign funds -- but that she thinks it was OK to do that because she was running the campaign from her house.

O’Donnell also said this morning that she’s forming a new political action committee and is writing a book.

After defeating Republican Rep. Mike Castle in the GOP primary, she lost to Democrat Chris Coons in the November election. Copyright 2010 National Public Radio. To see more, visit

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