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I think Navy Pier is hung over today (and other post 4th of July observations)

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I think Navy Pier is hung over today (and other post 4th of July observations)

You know when you throw a house party and you wake up to find half empty PBR cans strewn all over the coffee table? That’s Navy Pier this morning. I think I saw a rib bone out front of the Starbucks...

Beautiful (Flickr/Mambol)

B story: You cant have it both ways, I guess. The Tribune did a good job this weekend of covering a mass beating in the “Lakeview” neighborhood. It was in the 3300 block of Halsted. Informally, that neighborhood is called “Boystown,” but does the media not call it that? Is that too slangy for “gay neighborhood?” Anyway, a group of people were walking one direction. They encountered a smaller group who was walking the other direction. They exchanged words and the bigger group pounced on the smaller group and stabbed a dude.

Now, I was ALL over the media for overdoing it on the mob attacks in Streeterville last month. It was my over reported story on Eight Forty-Eight’s Month in Review (I was the loud one). But yesterday, Liam Ford was the only one to have this story. And from the quotes from community members, this has been going on a lot. So much so, that a group was formed to “Take Back Boystown,” which really should be called “Take Back the 7-11 Parking Lot.” So which is it, Kaufmann? Do you want the media to cover these crimes or don’t you?

Good question, Kaufmann. So Liam’s story was the first volley. Now let’s see how big media handles this one. Do they go front page? Do they follow up with questions about what this means? Or do they report it out as if it is any neighborhood story? If anyone is robbed in a six block radius of Halsted & Belmont, will we have an epidemic on our hands? It will be interesting to watch if this story gets the same sort of coverage that the Streeterville attacks got. Now, there are different circumstances at play here (confrontation, fight, stabbing), but do those circumstances merit different coverage?

More at 10.

B story: The Joffrey Ballet has locked out ballet dancers. It’s about time someone stuck it to the greedy ballet dancer. Ever since Black Swan, they just want everything. What do they make, like $15 million a season? What? They don’t? Well, how much do they make?

C story: Apparently, the Taste of Chicago probably lost money this year. Two words: The Jayhawks.

D story: New bloggers are going to start today. I’m going to stagger them, starting around 10am. I’m working on setting up blogs right now, or at least I’m supposed to be. I’m excited about four new blogs helping this space become the best in Chicago. Yes, you heard me, Whet. We’re coming for you!

Weather: Remember this day.

Sports: Paul-Star! Brilliant! The Chicago White Sox organization is planning an all out assault on the fan with their “Paul-Star” campaign to vote in Paul Konerko to the All-Star team. This ranges from t-shirts to billboards in camera view behind the batters box. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Chicago’s Paul Konerko is up against players from Kansas City, Detroit and (insert small market here). He should win. I’m just fascinated by the coordinated marketing push by the White Sox to harass their fans into voting on some web site that probably requires you to log-in so MLB can send you info on MLB in the future. Hey, White Sox. Could you just cool it? Pauly deserves to be in. I don’t deserve spam.

Kicker: So if you missed the 15 minute fireworks, don’t fret. YouTube to the rescue. But let’s skip the 15 minute version and go with a more birds eye (literally), borderline illegal video from an airplane.

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It’s election day, and hundreds of teens are serving as election judges. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that could impact more than one million student people in Illinois with college debt. Local groups are stepping up to provide shelter for asylum seekers arriving in Chicago.