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Sharp-tongued as ever, Bill Beavers claims proof of innocence

SHARE Sharp-tongued as ever, Bill Beavers claims proof of innocence

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers is claiming he has proof the feds are lying. Beavers is scheduled to be tried on federal tax charges this December.

In an indictment released in February, prosecutors said Beavers took money from his campaign and county expense accounts and never paid taxes on that income.

On Thursday, Beavers released a bank slip he said proves he paid back some of that money years before he was indicted by the feds.

“And they claim that they didn’t know anything about it. Well, all they had to do was ask me,” Beavers told reporters.

The bank slip shows a $68,000 deposit, but that is less than one-third of the money the feds say he took from his campaign.

“What we’re not going to do today is put our entire trial strategy out,” explained Beavers’ attorney, Vic Henderson.

Henderson and Beavers continue to claim the Democrat was indicted only because he refused to wear a wire.

Beavers never refuses to provide an off-color soundbite, though. At the press conference, he aimed sharp words at Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S attorney who stepped down last week after nearly 11 years on the job.

“He’s a rooster without nuts. That’s a capon, okay?” Beavers said. “That’s what he is. A capon.”

The U.S. attorney’s office, as it tends to in these situations, had no comment.

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