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Wisconsin teachers coming to Chicago to support teachers here

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As negotiations continue between the Chicago Teachers Union and the school district, teachers from Wisconsin are planning to show their support for striking teachers.

The CTU is planning a rally on Saturday afternoon on the city’s West Side.

Teachers in Wisconsin are not allowed to go on strike

They haven’t been for years, but ever since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took office, they can’t bargain with school leaders anymore either.

But that’s not stopping them from joining Chicago teachers this weekend, says Bob Peterson, the president of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association.

“It’s been a rough year here in Wisconsin for public sector workers and we’ve been inspired,” Peterson said.

He says they’re bringing a busload of teachers and other laborers to Chicago this weekend.

Peterson says the issues teachers in Chicago are fighting for hit home.

“I think what we’ve heard Karen Lewis and individual teachers articulate in the media is what many of us teachers feel throughout Wisconsin and throughout the country,” Peterson said.

Contract talks Thursday seem to be coming closer to a resolution.

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