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Help! I don’t know who to vote for!

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How the heck is a Chicago voter supposed to make sense of a mayor’s race with 14 candidates? Well, you’ve got about two weeks to figure that out. So WBEZ has cooked up a nifty way to help you choose which candidate you most align with, and our reporters answer some of your questions. Deep breath.

Reporting by Becky Vevea, Claudia Morell, Dave McKinney, Dan Mihalopoulos, Sarah Karp and Monica Eng. Editing by Alex Keefe. Production by James Edwards and Becky Vevea.

Each week at On Background, WBEZ’s team of political reporters brings you the backstory on the week's big story. Host Becky Vevea and guests take you inside the back rooms of Chicago and Illinois government to better understand the people, places and forces shaping today’s politics.


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