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House Speaker John Boehner has strong words for Illinois delegates

SHARE House Speaker John Boehner has strong words for Illinois delegates
House Speaker John Boehner has strong words for Illinois delegates

IPR/Amanda Vinicky

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner delivered a strong message to Illinois delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Wednesday. He says Illinois is key to the GOP maintaining its House majority.

Illinois Republicans made large gains in Congress two years ago. They were able to win enough seats to enable more Republicans than Democrats to represent Illinois in Washington.

It’s the opposite in Springfield, and that’s making it difficult for the GOP to hold onto its gains at the federal level.

Because Illinois Democrats control the statehouse, they drew the new electoral map that will be in effect for this November’s elections.

Boehner said they went wild drawing the lines to their advantage.

“You know in the Midwest we’ve got a saying that some of you will recall,” he remarked. “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they did a lot of overreaching, the Illinois Democrats, and as a result we’ve got some real opportunities.”

But Boehner says it will be tough as six Congressional districts are considered in play. The outcome of those Illinois races could hold the key to which party controls Congress.

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