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Race: Out Loud Dinner Party in Roseland

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Race: Out Loud Dinner Party in Roseland

WBEZ/Bill Healy

All summer long we've been encouraging Chicagoans and suburban folks from all walks of life to speak up about race. A dinner party at a Far South Side home was just the ticket!

One of the ideas we had early on was to have a dinner party where guests from the city and suburbs could get to know one another and talk about their experiences and attitudes. So a few weeks ago we gathered a small group of strangers together at the Far South Side Roseland home of Diane Latiker. Latiker is the founder of an organization there called "Kids Off the Block" and a strong advocate for kids in Roseland.

While sharing jerk chicken, red beans and rice, guests talked about their experiences - what they have in common and where they differ. We recorded their conversation and present it here on the web. 

In Part 1 you'll meet the guests - and hear a bit about what compelled them to travel to Roseland on a storym Saturday night to talk about Race. And it Part 2 you'll hear as the guests delve deeper into issues of race and access to opportunity.

"Race: Out Loud" Dinner Party - Part 1 of 2

"Race: Out Loud" Dinner Party - Part 2 of 2

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